How to Reach 1.9 Million people in less than 20 seconds.


The last weekend of January 2017 held host to the Unibet Masters Darts Championship in Milton Keynes. TomandSteve attended on behalf of their client Unibet with the intention of making some social media friendly video content that would help raise awareness of the event, whilst simultaneously raising Unibet’s online profile and affiliation with the Darts.

TomandSteve decided to produce a number of videos over the weekend, but the one that was filmed, edited and published during the space of the weekend was one featuring World Number 2, Gary Anderson. We filmed Gary performing a trickshot whereby we see him throw three darts altogether in one throw, yet rather than the darts scattering across the board as you might expect, he manages to hit the maximum score available of 180 with a combination of three treble 20’s.

The video is only 19 seconds long, the thinking behind this was that it would retain the majority of users attention during the clip, and hopefully encourage them to share the video online with their own friends and followers if they liked what they saw. – It turns out this theory was correct.

We can safely say the video went viral. Within just 48 hours of the video going Live it has received over 660,000 views on Unibet’s Facebook page alone. It had a Reach of 1.9 Million, and it also received over 40k reactions/comments/shares. On Twitter it also flew, achieving 120,000 impressions, 600+ retweets.

Audience comments focused on whether the video was real or fake, or perhaps tagging friends asking them to try this later in the week when they next played darts, ensuring that the content will undoubtedly be talked about outside of Facebook for months to come.


The success of this video is down to a number of things; things which TomandSteve are expert in understanding and producing. If you have a strong social media following and want to engaged and activate your audience, then talk to us and we will produce something as magic as this darts throw for your company too!

Oh, and before you contact us and ask whether it’s real or not… remember the question is not, “is it real or not”, the question is “How much would your brand benefit from 660,000 Views, 1.9 million Reach, and 40k Reactions/Comments/Shares?”

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