World Cup 2018 – Reactive Video Content


During this years World Cup we produced over 800 pieces of promotional video content in less than 30 days.

This mammoth task was achieved after months of planning and preparation in the TomandSteve studio. We developed a creative device that allowed us to work quickly with Live photographic images that were sent to us directly from Russia within a few minutes of the action having taken place. Once we had the images and a text-based review of the games themselves we set about creating a 15 second or less reaction-piece review of every single game, (that’s 64 games in the course of one month).

The videos all followed similar creative direction, however no two videos were the same. Not only did we produce these 64 match reviews in less than 60 minutes per video, we also devised a method whereby we had the English copy translated multiple different languages to suit our clients key territories, this included languages such as Swedish, Danish, Romanian, German, French, Hungarian, and many more.

The videos were posted on Twitter and Instagram Stories, with Call To Actions that drove audiences to our clients blog posts and full match reviews as written by their Sports Influencers. The series of videos proved pivotal when engaging and driving new audiences to our clients website.

This Ronaldo heavy video achieved over 100,000 views across the different Social Platforms in less than one hour of going Live.