3.5 months and a whopping 570,410 pieces of UK interaction


We started working with betting giant Unibet in May, and in that time we have produced over 39 pieces of content for them, the content varies in both format and subject-matter. So far we have produced several 15 ‘Instagram’ videos, (these also get used on Facebook and Twitter and even Youtube), a series of high production 90 second Youtube and Facebook videos, and a weekly static graphic.


Within this content production we have covered a wealth of sports, including, Tennis, Football, Athletics, UFC, Formula 1, Basketball and Cricket.

When you combine all of the audience interaction the content has accumulated it amasses to an impressive 570,410 pieces in the UK market alone. This figure quite astonishingly also excludes interaction of Twitter, so the number is actually far higher.

You can see some of the key pieces of Youtube content that we have produced on the links below: