7 Top Tips when producing a Facebook or Instagram Ad Placement


Paid Online video placements are a key element to any marketing strategy in today’s densely populate marketplace. However even when paying for views, audiences are still demanding, they are only ever one click, swipe or tap away from moving away from your content.

To try and help you maximise your video adverts reach and engagement, we’ve put together 7 Top Tips you should consider when designing your content, keep them in mind and you’ll make a bigger impression!

1) Mobile is King

65% of views come from handsets. That figure is only likely to grow, so tailor your content for people viewing on the small screen.

2) Vertical, Square or Horizontal?

Which ad placement are you using? Video makes the biggest impact when it occupies the largest amount of the screen, so to achieve peak performance have your Ad Placement in mind from the very beginning.

3) Keep it short

It’s as simple as that, audiences like to consume content quickly so most Ad Placements are 15 seconds or less. A 6 second placement is often could be more effective, than a 15 second one.

4) Brand Up Front

Get your brand up-front, we are talking within 2-3 seconds. That way if viewers loose interest you’ve already made an impression.

5) Set your objective

What do you want your campaign to achieve? Brand Awareness, Reach, Sales, Traffic? If you don’t have a predetermined objective then how can you measure success?

6) Design a Thumbnail

Many users still have auto play turned off, if you fail to make your thumbnail eye-catching then audiences will keep on scrolling.

7) Focus on Silent Views

85% of Facebook views are silent, most people don’t want their Spotify interrupted or wish to make a noise on their commute. So if your video can’t communicate without sound then you can say goodbye to most of the audience.

We hope those tip’s have proved useful, if you are looking to commission some online content, please get in touch, TomandSteve would love to be of assistance