75th Anniversary of D-DAY


To mark the 75th Anniversary of D-DAY, The Royal British legion commissioned us to produce a short video to highlight the fact they have created a fantastic new brooch, made specifically to recognise the role of Codebreakers during WW2.

Inspired by the rotors of the Bombe machines used to break Enigma chiphers, this silver plated poppy is a tribute to the work of those in signal intelligence.

TomandSteve filmed both at Bletchley Park and with a WW2 veteran who worked directly on deciphering transmissions during the War to produce this mixed media video advert.

We’re very pleased with the outcome of the video and think it looks great on the Official Poppy Shop Website homepage and we hope that our production can helps raise awareness for the fantastic charity that is The Royal British Legion.

You can purchase the brooch at The Official Poppy Shop.