Are you part of the 85%?


2016 as been very busy year at TomandSteve, we’ve produced more content then ever and the vast majority of this is has been for consumption on Social Media, a world that continually evolves. Producing commercial video content that actively engages audiences can be tricky, there is so much choice out there, that your carefully crafted message is just a swipe away from being forgotten.


At TomandSteve we’ve focused a lot of our efforts at ensuring the content we create is understandable to audiences watching with and without the sound on. As audiences digest more and more media on the go, they are also choosing more often than not to keep the sound off (up to 85%!). – Ignore this audience and you’ve just swiped yourself!

We don’t see this as a bad thing though, for live-action video content it seems viewers are more than happy to read subtitles, and for motion-graphic video content we now regularly tell the clients story by incorporating text into the visuals. For our international clients this can be a win win as we are then able to create alternative language versions meaning their spend goes further.

If your company is looking to review how it engages with customers online, get in touch with TomandSteve we would love to be of service, and share our knowledge as the online landscape continues to develop in 2017!

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