Creative ideas that Think Outside the Box – Literally.


We have recently been developing and working on a series of dynamic Social Media Posts that are designed to grab audiences attention and make them take notice of the post.

Each post works on the same creative ideology of taking a video player window, (this can be done across multiple social media platforms, but works particularly well for Instagram, LinkedIn), and having an aspect of the video content itself, ‘break the frame’ of the video player.

To see what we mean, have a look at some of the below examples that we created as proof of concept.

This above Football example posted on Steve’s LinkedIn achieved great interaction and engagement as it shocked viewers and played with really breaking and interacting with elements of LinkedIn’s actual interface.

This example really played with depth and perspective and again caught viewers out. The simplicity of the idea is key to this particular videos success.

When London hit a new temperature record earlier this year, we were there making hot content to capture and highlight the moment!

This style of video is a clever way of capturing audiences attention in an otherwise often over-crowded market-space.

If you are trying to ‘break through’ the noise, talk to TomandSteve and we will generate and produce a creative concept that will highlight your product or brand.