Facebook LIVE is getting pretty interesting!


So, we’ve all seen the videos that our friends post on Facebook of themselves having a hair cut, or perhaps filming Grandma blowing out here birthday candles.. all good things if you’re into that, but for brands there is a lot more potential for social reach and audience engagement.


Here at TomandSteve we have been developing techniques to enable us to record through broadcast quality cameras and professional audio equipment to give a look and feel that is reminiscent of Television production as opposed to somebody holding a wobbly mobile phone where you can only just hear the people on camera speak.

We have the ability to add multiple layers to a Facebook Live transmission, meaning we can create a graphical interface with branding and information for audiences who are tuning in. We can also add intro and outro bumpers to avoid that –‘Are we Live yet Face? – whilst looking into your phone’.

As you can see… nobody looks good staring gormlessly down the camera to see if it says ‘Recording’! and it certainly doesn’t look professional for a brand.

As well as providing Facebook Live video at broadcast quality in our studio, we have also developed technology to enable us to run interactive Facebook Live Polls. By using Facebook reaction emojis audiences are able to vote in realtime, and see their votes appear on the Live transmission as a counted figure. This is ideal for brands who want to gauge an audiences reaction on certain subject matters on multiple levels; 1) It gives valuable insight into what audiences actually think about the given subject, and 2) Every vote cast draws a bigger social reach to new audiences who are connected to current voters.

We did a simple 30 minute test asking the age old question do you prefer Dogs or Cats.. Thankfully Elma the Frenchie, (The office dog) won the vote.

If your company are interested in learning more about what TomandSteve can offer in the way of Live streaming services for your company please feel free to get in touch.