#FitTheBill – Essex Police


Essex Police contacted TomandSteve to help them with their forthcoming recruitment drive called #FitTheBill.

The in-house team had already created a lovely campaign video, but they needed additional social collateral to reach specific target audiences.

This is where TomandSteve’s expertise came in. We analysed their campaign style and developed 6 short-form video’s, featuring applicants stories for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Each story was distilled into it’s key information, so that it fit’s comfortably within a 20 second timeframe and as such making the campaign much more socially digestible.

From the look and feel of our content you would never know it had been produced by a separate team, and now Essex Police have much more collateral to work with.

You can see three video from the series below, should you be looking for a socially targeted campaign, get in touch!