How to write a video brief in 8 simple points.


We work with a range of different clients at TomandSteve. Sometimes clients come to us with very formulated ideas, and other times they just know that they need some content produced, but they are not so sure on what treatment that they would like applied to their given brief.

One of the things we often get asked by our clients is “How do I write a video brief?” Quite simply, a video brief is an outline of what you’d like in your end video. Do you want interviews with key figures in your company or at your event? Do you want an animation or motion-graphics telling a narrative of the services your company offers, or do you quite simply want a product video or an event video.

We thought we’d put this blog post together to help clients when they are putting together video briefs for us to work on and produce.videobrief-300x183

So, here goes:

1. Introduction – What is the purpose of your video? What would you like to achieve with this video?

2. Audience – Who is your target audience for this video production? Where is the video going to appear? ie. Youtube, Website Homepage, at an event on a TV screen.

3. Style – What tone/feel would you like your video to have? Have you seen any other videos you like?

4. Logistics – Where is the video being filmed, both geographically-speaking, and whether it is studio or location-based.

5. Video Length – How long do you want the final video to be?

6. Timings – Have any filming dates been decided? When does the video need to be completed by?

7. Talent – Does the video have somebody talking to camera? How many people are going to appear on the video, and are they media-trained? Are you sourcing these people, or do you need the production company to do this for you.

8. Budget – Although you may wish for the production company to quote for the job, a working budget always helps production companies scale their ideas to the given budget, which ultimately saves time for both parties.

We hope that this short list of points help you when coming to write a video brief for your next project. If you’re a UK based company, why not try TomandSteve for your next video brief? We always try our best to accommodate any given project.

Thank you.

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