How videos can help your Housing Association


Here at TomandSteve we produce a wide range of videos. We do however love working with regular clients as this allows us to really understand a brand or organisation and help create content that really works for them and their audiences. One of our favourite clients is London based housing charity Peabody. Over the past few years we have created a number of videos for Peabody, some of which have been for public consumption, whereas other have been used purely for internal purposes to help educate and reward staff and team members.

Below we have put together a few examples of the various types of video we have produced for the Peabody Housing Association. However these do not include several examples we produced for their internal purposes.


Peabody Business Plan

We produced this animated piece that details Peabody’s Business Plan. This can be used both internally to educate staff, and also externally to engage potential investors and sponsors.


Peabody Advice about Damp, Compensation, and Mould:

With the colder and longer Winters that we’ve been suffering of late, sometimes condensation and mould can occur in poorly ventilated houses. Peabody asked us to produce this educational video that helps residents with some simple tips for dealing with damp, condensation and mould.

Peabody Energy Saving Advice:

Everybody knows that the cost of living is going up year by year. Peabody therefore asked us to produce this video that helps residents understand how to best save energy within their home, which in turn should help reduce the amount of energy they consume on an annual basis.


Peabody’s Employment and training services:

Not only does Peabody do great work within housing, but they also help residents with employment and training courses and centers. This short video we produced for them showed some of the great work they do.


Peabody’s guide to Welfare Reform:

We all know that Welfare reform has been a hot topic of debate over the last few years, and one that has received a lot of press. Peabody decided to create an information video to help residents understand the changes that the new regulations would bring.


Peabody: Understanding and tackling Child Poverty:

Peabody commissioned independent research by the University of York to investigate child poverty on estates, and to look at how they might use resources and work collaboratively with others, including employers, to tackle child poverty.

The video we produced for them highlights a number of findings from the research, and some of the practical steps they are taking to address the root causes of child poverty, and improve the life chances of children in our communities.

If your housing organisation are interested in potentially having some video content produced please get in touch with us, and we can happily chat any initial ideas or thoughts through.

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