MoPlay x Hertha Berlin Launch Video Campaign


When we were approached by MoPlay and asked if we could create a launch video for their latest 2019 sponsorship deal with Berlin-based Bundesliga legends Hertha Berlin we knew we had an opportunity to make something unique.

MoPlay are a forward thinking new betting brand that aim to be mobile-first and appeal to tech-savvy millennial target audiences. As MoPlay were brand new to the German market we knew none of the players would have heard of them, and as such we wanted to do something that was outside of the normal sponsorship launch videos. So we pitched a concept of pranking the Hertha Berlin football stars by creating a fictitious ‘Sports Fitness Company’ that develops unique cutting-edge products that can really help improve your game.

We developed concepts around 5 new MoPlay products, all of the products were completely fabricated and in no way would improve the players game, we did however work closely with the extremely knowledgable MoPlay team to make sure there was an element of plausibility to each of the new products, just to avoid the footballers calling our bluff prematurely!

Thankfully the players totally bought into the 5 fake products and hilarity followed as they laughed in disbelief at the things that were being asked of them. But rather than spoil the jokes, we have copied in the video for you below to personally enjoy.

As you may have noticed, the video was filmed and edited entirely in German, a challenge that TomandSteve took on-board and dealt with, it was tricky editing in another language, but we managed it with the help of translators and a little bit of TomandSteve magic.

As part of the campaign we also produce a number of teasers and even a 45 second Behind the Scenes edit. All of which were used as online collateral to drive audiences to the main video and ultimately raise awareness of the MoPlay Betting App.

This is just one of several launch videos that TomandSteve have created over the years, we excel at creating engaging content for sports sponsorship. If you would like to talk with us about helping boost your brands or sponsorship status, get in touch with us for a free and friendly chat!