Sports Sponsorship Activation


With Summer on the horizon you might be thinking how are you going to capitalise on your Sports Sponsorship Investment?

Media Days and Player Appearances are often inclusive of Sponsorship deals, but what should you do with the access that comes as part of your package, and how do you ensure you get maximum exposure with online audiences.

From our experience the key to great content is engaging the Players with genuinely exciting and fun creative ideas. They are asked to do all sorts of media requests and as such they can be a bit dubious or unenthusiastic when just another media day comes along. If you communicate with the Players that what you are doing is fun, and will make them look good to online audiences and fans, that often goes along way.

At TomandSteve we specialise in generating organically exciting creative ideas that we feel will best suit your online audiences viewing preferences. We’ve worked on varying our Sponsorship Activation as much as possible giving our clients unique content and achieving some very strong results along the way.

As a guide we’ve broken the content down into the below categories:

Social Collateral –Timeless reusable pieces

Gary Anderson: How to Throw Darts! A Tutorial video from Gary Anderson designed to engage with fans seeking expert content.

Darts Gifs – Top Ten Darts Players:

We made a series of energetic gifs for the top ten darts players, continuously looping to engage with Twitter audiences on head to head matches or when a specific player wins a math/tournament.

You can see the rest of the series here

Trick Shots – Viral Potential Content: 

Insane John Terry Bottle Trick! We caught football legend John Terry showing off his Keepie Uppie skills while training at AVFC. 350,000+ views on YouTube alone.

180 In One Throw – Gary Anderson – Gary Anderson achieves the unthinkable, on first release this achieved a reach of 1.9 million within 48 hours.

Unbelievable Reactions from Alastair Cook! – Cat-like reactions from the former England Captain.

Tom Curran’s Surrey Selfie! – Future England Star Tom Curran shows off his batting skills.

Social Challenge videos: 

Aston Villa Gift Wrap Challenge:

Unibet put the AVFC players through a Christmas themed football challenge, resulting in pure chaos.

Curran vs Curran: The Laugh Off! – Future England Star’s are challenged to see who breaks first!

Warwickshire Cricket, Hitting A Six Blindfolded! – Warwickshire Cricket Captain Grant Elliot has a sixth sense.

Aston Villa Unibet Roulette – AVFC players take part in an awful quiz!

World Records!

This category is similar to the Social Challenge category above but involves more planning an preparation. The advantage is World Records can achieve fantastic PR and levels of engagement.

Michael Smith – Highest Darts Score In One Minute: This world record received over 3,500 reactions and audience engagements within just a week!

James Wade – Most inner and outer bullseyes in one minute: James Wade hit the inner and outer bullseye 15 times out of 18 darts, incredible!

If any of the above catches your interest, and you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with TomandSteve. We have a wealth of experience and would love to be of assistance.