Unibet Premier League of Darts Players Pranked!


We were recently commissioned to produce a very sneaky video. The concept was to play a prank on the World’s best darts players by pitching a series of ideas to them about that were scheduled to be introduced alongside Unibet’s new sponsorship of the Premier League of Darts!

The Darts players were invited to a meeting with Barry Hearn and our Unibet actor to listen to the ideas that scaled from odd to quite frankly insane. Our job was to try and hide 6 covert cameras in a hotel conference room without raising suspicions so that we could capture all of the real reactions from the players themselves!

We hid cameras everywhere! In coffee cups, in bags, in plant pots, even in the air conditioning vents.

Using a selection of cameras we were able to get a huge range of angles without the darts players ever suspecting a thing!

The results were both hilarious and amazing, and we are very pleased to have edited this social video below, (as well as many other versions) for our client Unibet.

We’ll update how the video was received in a follow up post soon!