Unibet Premier League of Darts Reactive Gifs


The Gif or its little known full name “Graphic Interchange Format” used to be a bad word on the internet. In the early days before bandwidth was fast enough to allow streaming video, the low resolution gif was the only way to bring your webpage to life. That life being restricted to tiny file sizes of less then 100kb.

Now days they are the new cool, and Twitter users love them because they can loop endlessly.

Unibet tasked TomandSteve with developing evergreen content for use throughout their sponsorship of the Premier League of Darts.

Naturally we suggested gifs, enjoy the results below!

Peter Wright: Snake Bite

Michael van Gerwen: Mighty Mike

Raymond van Barneveld: Barney

Gerwyn Price: The Iceman

Michael Smith: Bully Boy

Mensur Suljović: The Gentle 

Gary Anderson: The Flying Scotsman

Rob Cross: Voltage

Simon Whitlock: The Wizard

Daryl Gurney: Superchin

If our gifs have got you thinking then please get in touch!